Wellness Consultation

The purpose of our Wellness Consult is to help our clients think about and set their health priorities and goals. This process takes about 30 minutes as part of a Lifestyle Overview, which covers the following areas:

1: Think Through Health Priorities, Goals, and Natural Solutions. At the beginning of the Wellness Consult we walk through three basic things: health priorities, wellness goals, and natural solutions. First, we help you come up with three or more health priorities according to our Wellness Pyramid. These can be general, like “sleep” or “exercise.” From here, we set up specific and measurable 90-day goals, such as “get eight or more hours of sleep every night” or “exercise five times per week.” Then, we help to decide how to assist in achieving those goals.


2: Create a “Daily Wellness Plan” and a Daily Wellness routine. Schedule your healthy habits daily.

3: Determine Other Supportive Wellness Choices. After creating the Wellness Plan, we shift the focus and evaluate the goals from a general lifestyle perspective.

4: Empower with Consistent Natural Solutions. This is where we have the opportunity to help our clients connect their health priorities with natural solutions. We aim to empower our clients with a hands-on approach to living a healthy lifestyle that allows them to customize their own journey to natural wellness.


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