Oil Safety Tips

Avoid Sensitive Areas - Never put essential oils in the eyes, inside ear canal, in the nose, or on sensitive tissues. However, you may apply oils around the eye bone, on ear cartilage and behind the ear, and carefully on your face. You will learn that you can apply essential oils all over your body excluding the sensitive areas.


Dilution - Use a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil when applying essential oils topically to avoid skin sensitization. Always dilute when applying for the first time or onto children and pets.

"Hot" Oils - If it starts to sting - skip the water! Simply apply a carrier oil to the affected area, and wipe away with a dry cloth. Because essential oils don't mix with water, applying water to the area can actually spread the discomfort.

Photosensitivity - No sunbathing after applying citrus essential oils. Citrus oils are sensitive to the sun since they are made from the rind of fruit. Avoid direct sunlight to the exposed area for at least 12 hours or that location may have a skin irritation or burn. Oils applied underneath clothing should be fine.

Safe Storage - The majority of all adverse reactions to essential oils by children have been as a direct result of accidental overdose and ingestion in large amounts. Keep out of reach of children. Always dilute for children.


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